Chasing the sun down

Never to be seen again

Quiet under it’s spell

Content within the silence

Daydreaming of tomorrow

And never looking back

The glare from the horizon

Holds our eyes open wide

From oceans into deserts

Through snow-kissed forests

We speed across endless miles

Deep within the trance

Eleven states worth of sand and dirt

Mix underneath my boots

Fences were crossed

And treasures stolen that none will ever know

Chasing the sun down

Each discovery shared with a grin

Drink in every breath

Then leave it far behind

We race until the twitch of sleep stops us

And we must heal ourselves

In a nameless town of darkness

Until the sun leads us again


I wrote this in 1996 after a cross-country road trip.


One comment on “CHASE THE SUN

  1. Margaret Linder says:

    Chasing The Sun…Love it!! I am really looking forward to hearing your new music!!

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