The nomad passes far in the distance

His rapid pace betrays his calm

He needs only a protected slumber

Before continuing on further

Sustenance and stretch

The lonely road becomes his God

His only companion, his only witness

As he worships the dreaded lines

The lines need him to remain within

And he needs the lines to live

There is only enough time to change

Into who you think he is

Before he arrives

But he will always get there

Driving with his eyes closed

Never to be seen again


I wrote this poem in 1994, and recently my band, THE SHRIKE, used it in the narration of the song of the same name. I spoke the narration in the 2013 recording. This is about Kassad, a character in the 1989 Dan Simmons book HYPERION, which is were we got the band name THE SHRIKE from.


4 comments on “NOMAD

  1. Freesia says:

    I love this imagery

  2. David Meeks says:

    I’ve always wondered who did the voice work on this song, I thought it was you, but wasn’t sure.

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