Wrapping myself around you as we fall asleep

Spooning into dreams together

My arms draped over you

My thigh between your legs

Feeling my pulse on your skin at each place we touch

Let me enfold you

Sometimes our breathing aligns

I exhale into the base of your neck

Imagining breathing life into your tattoo

The candle launches light across our skin

Your hair gently tickles my forehead

Safe within our cave

We are a wolf-pack of two

Cuddled together for warmth and safety

Naked and tired

At our most vulnerable

At our most cherished

If the sun rises tomorrow

It will shine just for us


I wrote this poem in 2014. My band, THE SHRIKE, is using it for a song.


5 comments on “THIS IS PEACE

  1. Jeana Hooker says:

    Beautiful. Perfectly encapsulated moment. ❤

  2. mermaidmama says:

    This makes me happy. Wolf-pack of two. Awesome.

  3. Margaret Linder says:

    Very tender and in the moment!!
    Full of love!!

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